**Last updated 8/16 - Check back each week for an updated theater list**
(Unless otherwise noted, theaters play the film for a minimum of one week)

July 15
New York - IFC Center 

July 22
Los Angeles, CA - Landmark Nuart Theater

July 29
Milwaukee, WI - Times Theatre
Toronto, ON - TIFF Bell Lightbox
San Diego, CA - Landmark Ken Cinema
San Francisco, CA - Landmark Opera Plaza
Berkeley, CA - Landmark Shattuck Cinema
Irvine, CA - Regal University Town Center
Boston, MA - Landmark Kendall Square Cinema
Philadelphia, PA - Landmark Ritz at the Bourse
Washington, DC - Landmark E Street Cinema
Portland, OR - Regal Fox Tower Stadium
Austin, TX - Regal Arbor
Phoenix, AZ - Harkins Camelview
Denver, CO - Landmark Chez Artiste
Minneapolis, MN - Landmark Uptown Theatre
Vancouver, BC - Vancity Theater

August 5
Kitchener-Waterloo, ON - Princess Cinema
Oakland, CA - The New Parkway
Cincinnati, OH - Esquire Theater
San Francisco, CA - Roxie Theater
Portland, OR - Academy Theater
Santa Ana, CA - Frida Cinema
Lowell, MA - Luna Theatre
Palm Desert, CA - Cinemas Palme d'Or
Vancouver, WA - Kiggins Theatre
Tucson, AZ - The Loft Cinema
San Jose, CA - Camera 3 Cinemas
Atlanta, GA - Landmark Midtown Art
Albuquerque, NM - Regal High Ridge
Santa Fe, NM - Regal DeVargas
San Antonio, TX - Santikos Bijou
Grand Rapids, MI - Celebration Cinemas Woodland
Charlotte, NC - Regal Ballantyne
Knoxville, TN - Regal Downtown West
Omaha, NE - FilmStreams
Columbus, OH - Gateway Film Center

August 12
Providence, RI - Cable Car Cinema
Portland, ME - Nickelodeon Theater
Lancaster, PA - Zoetropolis
Iowa City, IA - FilmScene
Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Winston-Salem, NC - Aperture Cinema
Chicago, IL - Music Box Theatre
Pittsburgh, PA - Row House Cinema
Memphis, TN - Malco Wolfchase Cinemas
Athens, GA - Cine Athens
Lexington, KY - Kentucky Theatre
Greensboro, NC - Red Cinemas Midtown Stadium
Akron, OH - Nightlight Cinemas
Lincoln, NE - Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center

August 19
San Diego, CA - Digital Gym Cinema
Madison, WI - Sundance Cinemas Madison
Eugene, OR - Broadway Metro
Amherst, MA - Amherst Cinema Arts Center
Seattle, WA - SIFF Film Center
Gainesville, FL - The Hippodrome

August 26
Jacksonville, FL - Sun-Ray Cinema
San Antonio, TX - Santikos Bijou

September 2
Kansas City, MO - Screenland Crossroads

September 9
Olympia, WA - Capitol Theater
Williamstown, MA - Images Cinema
Nashville, TN - The Belcourt Theatre
Salt Lake City, UT - Tower Theatre



The highly anticipated new film from the Academy Award®-nominated writers and directors of A Cat In Paris is a stylish noir caper, set in the shadowy streets and alleyways of New York. 

 Leo has a secret. A mysterious illness has transformed him into a phantom boy, able to leave the confines of his body and explore the  city as a ghostly apparition. While in the hospital, he befriends Alex, a New York City cop injured while attempting to capture a  nefarious gangster who has taken control of the city’s power supply, throwing the metropolis into chaos. Now they must form an  extraordinary duo, using Leo’s phantom powers and Alex’s detective work to foil the plot and save New York from destruction.  Phantom Boy continues Gagnol and Felicioli’s fascination with animated film noir, in a heart-thumping adventure that pushes their  trademark visual style to literal new heights, as Leo swoops and soars above the greatest skyline in the world.

New English version starring: Fred Armisen, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Jared Padalecki!



"Beautiful, original, and extremely funny!"

“Intriguing and cleverly executed, Phantom Boy is an animated sensation!”
-Filmmaker Magazine

“A breath of fresh air! Viewers rarely get an animated film as distinctive and unexpected as Phantom Boy!”
-Tasha Robinson, The Verge

“Action-packed and emotionally potent!"
"Delivers a level of heartfelt dramatics to rival Inside Out!
-The Film Stage